Julie On The Issues

“I’m seeking reelection in 2018 because we have made big gains in childcare, workers’ rights, and public transportation. But we still have further to go making ACC a catalyst for equity.”

Julie Ann Nitsch

Health Care

Austin Community College should provide access to affordable health care. We should implement Paid Sick Leave across the ACC district.

Students must have health care options similar to those available on a university campus.

Child Care

Since Julie’s election to the Board of Trustees, ACC has doubled its investment in the student childcare voucher program.

Staff are currently determining a location for the Childcare Drop Off Center, with plans to roll this program out to other campuses.


Since Julie’s election, ACC successfully¬†negotiated a student rider program with Cap Metro so students can now ride the bus for free.

Julie will continue to advocate for safety improvements like shelter, lighting, and safety measures to bus stops to increase ridership. 

Workers' Rights

Educators are some of the most important members of our society. They deserve health care benefits and a living wage.

Julie has steadfastly advocated for a living wage for all ACC workers since her election and is proud of passing a 3% pay increase for all employees, raising the college’s minimum starting pay from $11 to $13/hour.¬†

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